2020 Lift Security Policy

To ensure the safety and security of everyone during the Conference Weekend, the following Security Policies will be enforced:


    • Participants will be required to wear lanyards when on the conference site. The lanyard will be your conference credentials. 

  • Code Words:  There will be code words issued to you which may come across our Conference App, Remind Text, and/or P.A. System.  

    • Red Alert: Evacuate the premises as quickly as possible through the nearest exit.

    • Orange Alert: Evacuate the premises via the lobby doors, in a calm orderly fashion, through the front doors of the civic center.

    • Blue Alert: Shelter in place, we are asking you to not leave whichever room you are in (if in a hallway, enter the nearest room as quickly as possible).

We thank you all for your understanding and assistance in making/keeping our conference a safe place for all!!!!!

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