2020 Group Leaders

  • A Group Leader is simply someone who will be the main contact with the Lift Office and organize the group so that one payment is submitted to the Lift Office!

  • A Group Leader can be any adult willing to be responsible for organizing your group and serving as the main contact for your group. Written and oral correspondence takes place between the Group Leader and the Conference Office. It is preferred that the Group Leader attend the conference.

Registration Process

  1. Group Leaders Register Here

  2. Once registration received, Group Leader will receive an email with instructions on registering the group.

  3. This year ALL PARTICIPANTS will register via this link OR simply by registering with the group leader who will keep track of the total number of spots for their group.

  4. Group’s Leaders will keep the Conference Office up to date on how many spots are needed.

  5. Full payment for the group will be due Thursday, August 27th.  Any spots not paid in full by the deadline will be subject to late fees. (Invoices will be sent out the week of August 17th)


  • Early Registration open

    • $125 per registrant, includes Friday dinner and Saturday lunch and dinner.

    • Register now (either with a group or individually) and secure your registration price.  Payment will be due Thursday, August 27, 2020 to avoid being charged higher, regular registration fee. (Invoices will be sent out the week of August 17th)

    • Click "Create a Group" below!

  • Thursday, August 27th

    • Early Registration ends at 4:00pm, prices increase to $155/spot

    • Full payment for groups (each spot) MUST be received by this date to lock in the $125/group participant price.

  • Thursday, September 3rd

    • Group shirt pre-orders with full payment at 4:00pm

  • Thursday, September 24th 8:00pm

    • Pre-registration closes

    • Individuals can register at the door

  • At the door prices:  $175 for the full weekend with meals (while supplies last). 

    • Friday only $40 (no meal)

    • Saturday only $95 (includes lunch and dinner)

    • Sunday only $40 (no meal)


Group Leaders, Common Registration Questions

What if my church attended last year but I was not the Group Leader? Please first confirm that last year's Group Leader for your Church is not planning to organize a group again this year.  if not, just let us know you are a new Group Leader when you register - that way we can assist you with each step since it's all new to you!

How can I change the number of people in my group? You will need to contact our office to add or remove spots from your group. You can email us at shawn@lift316.com.  

What if someone drops out of my group? Can I replace them? Yes, a paid spot for the conference may be filled by any person you approve to attend with your group. Since everyone must register in the program, you will need to make sure that you remove the person who dropped from your group and the new person must register online.

Where can I find a copy of my invoice? You can request a current copy of the invoice for your group by contacting the office. You can email us at shawn@lift316.com or call 985/262-9064.

What if someone registers for my group who doesn't belong there? You can simply log into your dashboard and remove that person from your group!

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