2020 FAQs

After reading over the FAQs, if you still have a question that is not answered, you can contact us by e-mailing: shawn@lift316.com.

Why should a someone attend a Lift Adult conference? The vision of the conference is to lead people to Christ and to give them a deeper understanding and love for their Catholic faith.

What is the cost to attend the conference? Refer to the Group Leaders page under the "All Participants" tab for details.  Keep in mind that we only charge conference registration. Each Group Leader may also offer (and have to charge) for transportation and lodging in addition to the conference.

Can I attend a Lift Conference if I am not part of a group? Yes! You may register to be a part of a group to attend the Lift Conference. However, if you would prefer to attend individually you may absolutely do so!  Please note that we do not "assign" individual registrants to small groups, if you would like to participate in small group discussions, we encourage you to simply find a group to join in with at the conference, or plan to attend with a group!

How big does a group have to be? A group should be at least 6 people.

Can we come if we are not a regular parish youth group? Yes, you can make up a group of any adults and anyone can be a group leader! 

What are the criteria for being a group leader?

  • A Group Leader is simply someone who will be the main contact with the Lift Office and organize the group so that one payment is submitted to the Lift Office!

  • A Group Leader can be any adult willing to be responsible for organizing your group and serving as the main contact for your group. Written and oral correspondence takes place between the Group Leader and the Conference Office. It is preferred tht the Group Leader attend the conference.

Where will we stay, we are from out of town?  A list of the area hotels can be found on our website. At this time we do not have the capabilities to offer transportation to/from hotels/conference site.  

What is included with our registration?  Registration includes entry into the conference and all talks, events and activities that are part of the conference.  It also includes Friday night dinner, Saturday lunch and Saturday dinner.  Most area hotels include a free continental breakfast for those staying in their hotel, be sure to ask if it's included prior to booking rooms.

What will the weather be like? Louisiana can be very hot in September. Due to the high humidity, the air conditioning thermostat must stay at a cool enough temperature to keep the ceiling of the arena from forming condensation, therefore it can seem quite cold in the main arena-we suggest keeping a light jacket with you throughout the weekend.

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