2020 Bayou Security Policy

To ensure the safety and security of everyone during the Conference Weekend, the following Security Policies will be enforced:

  • Bag Size Limits: Bags should be "flat bags" like a cinch bag/drawstring backpack. No multi-zipper backpacks, oversized backpacks, or large totes will be allowed.

    • ***NOTICE: if a participant or volunteer arrives with a bag too large, or with too many zippers, they are to be brought to Central Office immediately and the bag can be checked in with Central Office.


    • Participants will be required to wear lanyards when on the conference site. The lanyard will be your conference credentials. Chaperones will have one color identifier on their lanyard and young adults will have another. No one without a lanyard will be allowed into the conference.

    • Safe Environment Trained Persons:

      • Volunteers are identified by their “uniform” and MUST wear their conference vests, scrub top, or apron at all time as this is your “entry” to the conference.  

      • Priests will be wearing lanyards.

      • Mercy Crew is identified by their shirts.

      • Logistics persons are identified by their shirts.

    • Non Safe Environment Trained Persons:

      • Civic Staff: will have their I.D. on and most will have Civic Center shirts

      • Production Staff: will have Gulf Coast Production shirts on

      • Catering: will have 360 Catering shirts on

  • In light of the aforementioned about lanyards, Group Leaders need to plan accordingly as participants will not be able to attend Traveler's Mass, or go to dinner, without their lanyards (this means you'll want to allow enough time to come to Central Office, check your group in, and distribute their lanyards to them prior to heading to Mass or dinner Friday). 

  • In the past, we've allowed youth outside during breaks and monitored their activity. This year, youth will only be allowed to walk outside with a chaperone. Everyone will be checked for credentials before being allowed back in.

  • Code Words:  There will be code words issued to you which may come across our Conference App, Remind Text, and/or P.A. System.  

    • Red Alert: Evacuate the premises as quickly as possible through the nearest exit.

    • Orange Alert: Evacuate the premises via the lobby doors, in a calm orderly fashion, through the front doors of the civic center.

    • Blue Alert: Shelter in place, we are asking you to not leave whichever room you are in (if in a hallway, enter the nearest room as quickly as possible).

We thank you all for your understanding and assistance in making/keeping our conference a safe place for all!!!!!

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