2020 FAQs

After reading over the FAQs, if you still have a question that is not answered, you can contact us by e-mailing: shawn@lift316.com or calling 985/262-6094.

Why should a middle-schooler attend the 3:16 Rally? The vision of the rally is to allow middle-schoolers an opportunity to learn more about their Catholic Faith and to be able to celebrate it with their peers.

What is the cost to attend the rally? Refer to the Group Leaders page under the "All Participants" tab for details.  

Can I attend the 3:16 Rally if I am not part of a group? No, you must be a part of a group to attend the 3:16 Rally. If you need help finding a group to attend with, you can contact our office.

How big does a group have to be? A group must consist of at least two youths and two adults.

Can we come if we are not a regular parish youth group? Yes, you can make up a group of any youth and adults. However, our Verification Form must be signed by your parish’s Pastor. You must have the support of your parish’s Pastor and anyone who is over 18 years of age or older must be in compliance with the Safe Environment policies of your diocese in order for your group to attend.

What are the criteria for youth, group leader, and chaperones?

  • Group Leader: the adult responsible for organizing your trip and serving as the main contact for your group. Written and oral correspondence takes place between the Group Leader and the Lift 3:16 Office. The Group Leader must be attending the conference and will be responsible for the entire group.

  • Chaperone: age 21 or older, small group leaders, attending to help in chaperoning the youth. For the safety of the youth and to foster productive small group times, the ratio of youth to adults is 1 adult per 8-10 youth in your group. 

  • Young adults (ages 18-20): may participate as volunteers.  

  • Youth: youth in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grades may be a part of the Youth Staff.


Where should we expect throughout the day? This OUTDOOR event will be hosted like a festival.  Participants should bring lawn chairs, blankets, etc.  Shaded area for the main sessions is provided.

What is included with our registration?  Registration includes entry into the rally and all talks, events and activities that are part of the conference.  It also includes Saturday lunch.  

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